J Shuler, In A League of His Own

J Shuler Hipster

J Shuler is a North American singer-songwriter and producer from Jersey City, NJ. Backed by his own production of synths, pulsing drums, smooth melodies, and catchy lyrics, J Shuler is in a league of his own. J Shuler is also a trained actor, feminist, and activist.

He is currently in the process of releasing a trilogy of albums this summer beginning with “The Mister Shuler EP,” followed by “Down With Love!,” and “Robot Zombie.” These releases will coincide with the release of his documentary “Day Dreaming.”

The documentary follows a very green J Shuler, circa 2009 to now. The documentary uses interviews and home videos often shot by himself to chronicle his struggle with his self identity as an artist and his personal battle with depression, as well as his rocky relationship with his father.

Learn more about J Shuler on his official website at www.teamshuler.com.

J Shuler – Pull Up On U ft. Drake (Official Music Video)

J Shuler – Thinkin Bout LA

J Shuler – Duffel Bag” (Official Music Video)

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