J-Harm, High Standards


Jason Harmon, J-Harm, is an emerging hip-hop artist from Huntington, West Virginia looking to make his presence felt in both the music and entertainment industry. J-Harm has not had the typical rise to eminence, but his path and various experiences molded his music and the overall message behind his movement High Standards.

J-Harm has always had an affinity for music and he continuously studied all genres of music while in grade school. His love for music and hip-hop grew throughout the years as he participated in various bands and ensembles, as well as his own tandem named 1-on-1. In high school, J-Harm started to book shows throughout the East Coast and finally made his way to Houston.

J-Harm saw a lot of success as his first four studio-quality singles were huge hits with his fans. J-Harm capitalized off of his musical prowess and produced and recorded all of his music in-house, as well as created his own retro flare and conscious message. J-Harm is currently working with super producer Mr. Creashaun at Ryzin Media Studios and released his new mixtape “High Standards” in 2014.

Official website: https://www.facebook.com/JHARM304?ref=hl
Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/j-harm
Twitter/Instagram: @jharm304

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