J-Fresh130, Bad Habitz


1991, the year Jay Robinson, J-Fresh130, was presented with Fall River’s cruel grasp. This small city in Massachusetts where “gutta” is an understatement and the thought of “making it out” is laughed at, has not only engraved the rise and pitfalls of the 90’s era in this more than talented individual’s DNA but has also contributed greatly to his work ethic and business skills. J-Fresh130 has always felt as if he was different. Different style, different outlook on situations, just unexplainably different and he knew it, but could never see further than his suffocating environment.

J-Fresh130 or Fresh (as many close individuals call him) emerged in 2005 after a heartbreaking discovery that caused his whole life to change ending in a move to Las Vegas, Nevada. Turning his turmoil into a force to be reckoned with, Fresh branched out to further his music presence in Las Vegas by building his brand and name all while being a savage for creating and fine-tuning quality records. With a demo tape, 2 mixtapes, and 1 album, Fresh is now in the process releasing of his next mixtape, “Bad Habitz vol. 2,” which has tracks already circulating for fans pleasure.

Showing dedication, a metaphorically laid-back style, and a sound that is full and unique, this emcee has something a lot of other artist’s do not have: a genuine and honest respect for not only Hip-Hop but its history as well. Fresh has a full production deal with Fresh MouF Productions who has helped create and shape his signature sound. To further help aspiring artists, Fresh has entered the CEO bracket along with Fresh MouF Productions as owners and sponsors to start The Mobile Recording Studio, a high quality mobile recording studio that goes to the clients home, businesses, or events.

Official website: http://tinyurl.com/lzko74o
Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/jfresh130

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