J. Duke, Inspired Musik Entertainment


Having just released his debut single “Payback,” produced by himself under the independent label Inspired Musik Entertainment, James Duke (born November 29, 1990), J. Duke, is an American music producer/recording artist from Birmingham, AL. Growing up in Birmingham he found many influences through music. As well as from his experiences when traveling across the country to visit his father, from Miami to Los Angeles. Not to mention the influence from a vast array of vinyl records, cassettes, and CDs his mother kept.

His mother was prominent in his life giving him a closeness of family as he matured and broadened his plans for the future. J. Duke plans to give Alabama a new outlet through his innovative sounds and different rhyme formats, of which you would not hear the average southerner deliver.

“PayBack” is available on iTunes as well as many other online distributors for your own download and insight.

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