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Born in Lisbon. I’m half Angolan and half Portuguese. Cape Verdean from my mother. I arrived in France when I was 5 years old.

Colombes is my debut in the rap world I’ve done, especially through the first writing of “Soleil and Kush” in 2012. At the same time Nova, Hypes Bry-Z, and myself formed the crew ILLYRICKS.

Why Izzy Paper? When I started to build my musical identity people around me told me that I had an ability in writing. From this observation that nickname came naturally to me without really thinking of it. Then I crossed the path of the label LGM Entertainment, a team full of correspondence with my ideas and creations and I signing with them was obvious to me.

Polyvalent Kicker. I do not want to limit myself to be a classic rapper. I like to play with flow and try new artistic experiences. I find my influence in all styles of music. I’m not just into alternative hip-hop, underground rap, or hardcore rap like we can imagine because of my songs. I particularly admire the work of Kid Cudi, Kendrick Lamar, Wiz Khalifa, Dr Dre, Ice Cube, Mobb Deep, and Bishop Nehru.

Today I want to bring something new to share French rap and share my universe. In my first EP, R.E.V.E.: Being A Dreamer, I express the most dark part of my thoughts and my mind. Aggression and darkness are the watchwords for this first work. My musical influences are mainly American, it seemed logical for me to make the record featuring the likes of Ka$h the Kushman from Bruiser Brigade (Detroit) and Flip Major from California is coming up in October!

I signed in April 2014 and things quickly changed. My first single “James Dean” was on MTV and other big French channels like OFIVE and TRACE TV, and the radio: le MOUV & GENERATION. With its first television showing I had more opportunities after with magazines (Booska-p, rap2rue, rapdefrance, rap no stress), French rappers playlist (La Caution).

After that I had the opportunity to meet Demon One, an old school rapper from the french crew Mafia K1fry (aka African Mafia). He really liked my musical style and we naturally decided to create something together. Because of my American inspirations we have Flip also on this title.

I’m working on 4 new tracks to make the new EP go harder with high quality. The release is set before the end of the year, so stay tuned!

Instagram: @Yung_Prizzy
Twitter: QIzzyPvper

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