Isa Blaque, Soul Train


“My art is described as real rap that you can feel,” explains Isa Blaque, #FriO, a Utica, New York based award winning rapper who derives his influence from life experiences and expresses them via songs chock full of inspiration, soul, and emotions a listener can identify with. Best representing his style is his recent release of his single Soul Train that’s blown up in recent weeks marking his jaunt through Soul and Hip Hop as one of his most fruitful releases.

The one attribute that’s aided Blaque since his teenage years has been his ability to connect with a global fan base by penning songs about his daily struggles, challenges, and the tribulations of childhood. His grand aspiration is inspire and unite youth through honest communication. The artist further adds that, ‘[he] hope to enable young people to know they can achieve their dreams through hard work, skill, passion, talent, and perseverance.”

Blaque’s attitude about what he wants to achieve is clear cut and he’s defying the typical audience of an unsigned artist. He’s built strong following through his music and Soul Train has amassed 1.11 million plays on Soundcloud. He’s also clocked in over 60,000 Padnora plays and he’s available on iTune, Spotify, TIDAL, and all other global music services. Two EP’s under FriO are also available for listening.

Official website:
Twitter: @FrioIsaBlaque
Instagram: @PapiFrio


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