Irie iZk Has Found The Outlets To His Music


Irie iZk’s not a freshmen in the professional recording and music industry. Through his dedication to music, the diligent artist has definitely left a stamp with cutting edge songs and lyrics. As a music artist as well as an entrepreneur in the business, don’t be surprised to see Irie iZk in the biggest publications. Only highlight reel type of work can be expected moving forward.

“Coming from the southern-most town of Edinburg, Texas, I hadn’t always wanted to be a producer/artist. I’ve always liked hip hop/trap, however it wasn’t until 4 years ago that I was inspired by producers/artists in my city that I really decided to start making my own moves. I knew it was going to be tough, however not impossible,” Irie iZk reveals about how his environment has influenced his decision in music. Throughout his music career he’s greatly developed and continued to elevate with a bigger and better sound. Now he’s signed his own artist to his label iNDO Recordings® and released his first mixtape last summer under the label.

Under Irie iZk’s sleeve is a stack of upcoming extremely-catchy hot hit singles that are going to be pushed extremely hard. He also has an upcoming 6 song EP dropping late December titled Outlets that’s going to showcase his emotions based on the things he’s been going through. The EP will be released on iTunes with three of the singles released via YouTube with music videos.

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