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L.C.G. (Loyalty is the Center of Greatness) is a international recording artist who has been making music since the age of 16. L.C.G. has done lots of shows in Europe, places like Germany, England, and The Netherlands. His biggest performance was on Queens Day in 2005 performing for the Dutch Queen and the Dutch Royal family live on TV. Not everything has been amazing though, in 2009 his personal DJ and best friend was killed, murdered in his sleep. After going through a mourning period, L.C.G. went back to work, creating new music dedicated to his friend. After getting two record deals in four years, he set up his own record label, ready to walk his own lane as a independent artist. His first solo album, “Loyalty Must Be The Center Of Greatness” was released on 25th of March 2014 on I-Tunes, Amazon, Spotify and others, in addition to three music videos. L.C.G. is busy focusing on the next upcoming steps and setting up a tour through Europe, South America, Asia. Check him out and follow his movements as he takes over the world.

Check out L.C.G. on his website at and on SoundCloud Link at

L.C.G. – Motivation

L.C.G. – My Life feat Optimust Rime

L.C.G. – Makin’ Steps

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