INTA:LECT, Versatile


Rapping since 1995, aged 11, INTA:LECT started competing at local competitions and battles in Washington state in 2000. He released his first album “Only The Realest” in 2005 and signed his first recording contract in 2007 with Denver based label Mile High Records. It was short lived and he was released from his contract on the grounds of neglect on behalf of the label. In 2009 he started the indie label UNTAM3D Entertainment based in Colorado Springs, CO after gaining attention from local radio and media.

Between 2009 and 2012 INTA:LECT released 3 albums as part of the group UNTAM3D. The following year in 2013 he faced family and personal struggles forcing him to step away from music after releasing his second solo album “Finding myself.”

In 2015 INTA:LECT made a return to music with his third solo release “Versatile” and since the release in March has attracted 2 FM radio stations in Colorado and one in Arizona. He’s currently working on writing for his next release.

Official website:
Twitter/Instagram: @TheRealIntalect

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