The Incredible Mr Klutch

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Mr. Klutch has been creating buzz about himself and his music, getting involved in multiple projects such as the Kaiyzernomics 2013 collaboration. While the Bronx MC is in school perfecting his skills as an audio engineer, as a rapper his natural versatility and ability to designate the right flow to each track is probably his greatest asset. He has collaborated in the studio with many artists including Kool Keith from the Ultramagnetic MC’s, and says it was one of his greatest experiences so far. “Just being in his presence was such an honor, getting to collaborate with Keith on a track changed my life and helped me develop a new appreciation for the generation who started it.” 

Klutch has been working nonstop, writing over 40 songs, and preparing a mixtape. The debut of his first mixtape Guard Ya Beat is said to be released soon.

You can check out more of Mr Klutch on his website and on Soundcloud at

Mr KlutchMy Niggas “Promo Video”

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