Illuminated Tra, A Positive Role Model


Illuminated Tra was born on Rosecrans and Central, raised in Compton, California not having anyone believing in her music. Growing up watching her DJ brother made her curious as to what it was he was doing. After growing up singing in church and community choirs, music became a huge part of her life. Illuminated Tra began to learn the keyboard and moved onto other instruments. One day she just decided to put all the different sounds together from separate recordings and that’s where the magic happened. She ran into founder of Round Table Music Group West, Korie “PBeezy” Carr, and producer Brian “Tazzmatic” Hubbard, who took her under their wings and all have sky rocketed to the top.  Illuminated Tra feels you can prosper more when you are heard and not seen.

She’s getting ready to produce 3 mixtapes at the same time and other RTMG members will have their hands tied this year. Illuminated Tra has also founded #WAKEUP to raise awareness to not only her community but other communities of the unjust that is happening. The foundation also helps with money on the books, feeding the homeless, transportation, helping with getting in shelters, and applying for aid. Illuminated Tra thinks she’ll be another successful-positive role model out of Compton besides Dr.Dre and Kendrick Lamar.

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