iLL ZakieL Is Organized Chaos At It’s Best

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Nevada’s iLL ZakieL is not a newbie in the professional recording and music industry. As a music artist as well as an entrepreneur, do not be surprised to see iLL ZakieL in the biggest publications now that his indie label Nosenss Records released the album titled Organized Chaos. The visionary artist lyrically maneuvers through different delivery techniques effortlessly and hits a wide spectrum of moods on his album.

The title of the album is a phrase that applies all too well in the life and music of the multi skilled iLL ZakieL. His sounds vary from mariachi influenced hip hop tunes to rock rap hybrids to dark and heavy tracks. While he admits that his main influence in music is 90’s hip hop, he maintains that all sorts of music inspires him. Ranging from braggadocio, self-deprecating, introspective, socially aware, dark and chaotic to feel good party tracks all mixed with harmonizing hooks, it’s safe to say that versatility is one of his strengths.

iLL ZakieL’s past musical works were a collaborative effort between he and label mate Breed Tha Loc as the group Tha Elevatorz. Together they independently released four projects dating back to 2010. Though his life has settled down in some ways, being a family man and holding a full time job as an underground miner, it still remains somewhat chaotic juggling that and his music career doing shows, engineering, mixing and mastering for other acts as well as his own music.

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