Ill Beast, Conscience Street Rap

ILL BEAST Original

Born in LES Manhattan and raised in Brooklyn, New York by his Dominican mother, Ill Beast learned the various styles of music through the streets of Brooklyn and grew a love and bond for hip-hop throughout the 90’s. He began to write lyrics at 15 inspired by the life and times in the hard streets of Brooklyn, then became a rap artist adapting to laying down hard and ferocious lyrics. A few years later he began to record songs with friends at local home studios and started to create a buzz in the streets becoming the spark to each cipher and the voice of the streets to all his followers.

In his early 20’s Ill Beast suffered a setback and spent 2 1/2 years of his life imprisoned. It was at this time that he decided to change his life and focus on his music writing as much as he could. When he was released he came back home and started recording music again gaining high recognition in his neighborhood. Realizing his old patterns began to take him down the same path, he relocated down south to Orlando, Florida. He then hooked up with Smoke N Mirrorz and they formed The G.I. League with A!OK and Freemind releasing a mixtape in 2010 under The G.I. League entitled “Time Is Of The Presence” displaying their rough and original styles.

In May 2012 Ill Beast released his first mixtape entitled “The Raw” featuring collaborations and productions from various independent upcoming producers and rappers in and out of the states lacing tracks with uncut raw lyricism, creativity, and complexity. He is a regular at local radio stations and venues promoting his brand. Inspired by the likes of Rakim, LL Cool J, Jay-Z, Nas, Big Pun, and countless others, his sound is conscience street rap bringing raw intellect and vivid pictures to hard hitting beats. In a race to establish a name within the rap industry, Ill Beast continues to record music faithfully and is establishing an excellent career.

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