Idania, The World Feels My Presence


Idania is a Dominican-American singer, songwriter and musician who was raised the Hudson County area of New Jersey. She became interested and involved in music at her school and at 10 she performed a song written in the loving memory of a teacher; it was then that her talent was discovered and recognized. She realized that she had the voice and aspired to become a vocalist. Always surrounded by different styles of music, Idania became inspired to write poetry and her own lyrics as well. In 2004 she joined the high school chorus gaining knowledge on musical theory and a love and growing passion for playing the piano and creating melodic harmonies.

Every year following Idania signed up for her school’s vocal showcase at North Bergen High School gathering fans from all over. At age 16 she was introduced to a local Hip Hop artist and debuted on her first recorded track. She has worked with many artists known around Hudson County such as her music group The Committee Music Group (Rekalect, Kev-P, JrZ, Jae Vargas, Sendio, amd Eli Rootz). At age 22 Idania released her long awaited for album “Funk Drum Love” and was sought out to be involved in features along with other aspiring artists who couldn’t get enough of her voice.

In 2014 Idania released her first debut hit single “Sweet Dream” produced by Swagetti (based out of Russia) on iTunes and Spotify with the popular video. A year later, along with working yet to be released songs with producer and artist Swisha Kay, she released her 2nd single “Angel” (produced by Global) which has become a smash hit in her city with 2,000 plays in just the first few weeks. Along with new music videos in the making and booking features with artists around the world, Idania has also been bringing her energy on stage in different locations around North America and South America.

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