Hyphen The Chop Gawd, Aspiring To Work With My Idols

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Jordan Patterson, Hyphen The Chop Gawd, is a producer, songwriter, and engineer whose goal is to be one of the greats and with being accredited as one of the most creative minds. Hyphen is known for his intricate melodies, switch-ups, smacking snares, and an overall weird but dope sound selection. His inspiration comes from the greats like Just Blaze, Timbaland, Cardiak, 9th Wonder, Khrysis, etc.

Born and raised in the 757 (Hampton/Newport News area), Hyphen always showed musical prowess at an early age. As a child he was always enthralled by music and what it made him feel. As the years progressed the appreciation turned into a burning desire and at the age of 13 after meeting his mentor (T-Rifik) he began producing for himself and friends. Since then his notoriety has grown from winning beat battles to judging segments and having tracks placed on VH1, MTV, and Adultswim. There’s even talk of a signing between him and BIMMG as head of their production team.

Hyphen plans and strives to be one of the elite when comes to production. He aspires to work with idols such as Busta Rhymes, Drake, Jay-Z, Slaughterhouse, Lil Wayne, Kanye, Rick Ross, Common, Wale, and Andre 3000. For others that aspire to become producers or anything in life for that matter, Hyphen says that he was told this one important piece of advice by T-Rifik, “The most important thing is to have fun and do it because you love it.”

Official website: www.chopgawd.net
Twitter: @s0o_hyphenated
Instagram: @s0o_hyphenated
Facebook: @Hyphen The Chop Gawd
Email: s0ohyphenated@gmail.com


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