Hozea, What I’m Truly Made Of


24 year old Rap sensation Bradley Hosea, Hozea, formally Tiny Bama, comes from humble beginnings and is ready to emerge in an explosion of excitement, hope, and dreams. With his energy, love for life, and eyes for the ladies, Hozea has recreated what it means to love music. He has avoided the typical stigma of the traditional Hip Hop artist of the 21st century by not simply rapping about the struggles in his life, but being a living example of how challenges can birth a true star that can brighten up any situation.

Originally for Montgomery, Alabama, Hozea was given the name Tiny Bama by his family since his brothers were Big Bama and Little Bama. He watched patterns of crime and rebellion plague his family and made a personal declaration to be a blessing to his mother and break the cycle of despair and uncertainty. For several years this young man watched his family be broken apart, yet held together by a strong and ambitious mother that provided him with a foundation of strength and perseverance. He watched as his mother spinned the globe in search for a new beginning. It was the spinning of the globe and the drive in his mother’s heart that brought Hozea to Denver, Colorado at the age of 12.

Denver was where the seed of Hip Hop was planted in young Hozea. Being a young man in a new environment, he began to focus his attention on school and music. Imitating favorites like Eminem and T.I., he began to perform in school talent shows and local contests. His talent, stage presence, and overall charisma captured the hearts of many as Hozea became the hometown superstar. He began traveling throughout the U.S. performing and making a name for himself. Ready to embark upon the journey of a lifetime, Hozea will show the world what he is truly made of: a great young man with the talent and zeal to conquer the world. Get ready for the takeover.

Official website: www.facebook.com/hozeamusic
YouTube: www.youtube.com/hozeamusic
YouTube: www.youtube.com/tinybamalive

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