Howell, The Differential Mixtape


Born in San Diego, California, Austin Michael Howell, Howell, grew up in a military family and after his father retired from the marines they relocated to Brighton, Colorado. He didn’t start writing until the 5th grade and as he got older Hip Hop culture became an influence on his life. After graduating from high school and dealing with a pill addiction, a topic explored in his music, the only thing he wanted was to get signed.

On May 24, 2014 Howell signed his first contract with Colorado based label Bad Breaks Entertainment with Duce McGuire skyrocketing his success. In September of the same year he joined Midnight Mosh with owner Dorian Grey and released his first studio album titled “The White Boy EP” on January 4, 2015 which can be found on Bandcamp and CD Baby.

Howell signed a distribution deal with Incorporated Mind’s Music Entertainment (I’M ME) with Davon Williams and is in the process of starting a booking company with partner Azul Loco from Asylom Ward Records named Artist Enlightenment LLC. “The Differential Mixtape” was dropped on July 14, 2015 worldwide. It’s been a very exciting and fun year for Howell and only success awaits.

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