Hi$e Cold, Creating Love Through Inspirational Words


Hi$e Cold is a hardworking human chasing dreams and trying to touch lives, trying to take the reality of life and turn it into a piece of history. Hip Hop reminds him of a family, sometimes dysfunctional, separated not by hatred but by talent. He just knows that the genuine love that you give out to the world comes back ten-fold creating a heaven on earth with certain positive energies that are only described by the actions that control your life. Remember to always be humble and be real. It will recognize itself, reality is the realest thing we can live by.

Hi$e Cold lives to love and progress towards a better future, for everyone. He’s an artist attempting to create positive change through touching those who believe in a better tomorrow.

Soundcloud: www.soundcloud.com/dj-hi-e
Instagram: www.instagram.com/coldashise
Twitter: www.twitter.com/coldashise
Facebook: www.facebook.com/coldashise


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