Herrick & Hooley, Famous Honey

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Herrick & Hooley is a jazz group based out of Dallas that formed almost 2 years ago. Hunter Lewis, Ian Olney, and Michael Barnes have been playing music together since junior high but in February of 2014 Hunter and Ian released the first official Herrick & Hooley release, “Late Nights.” The album was an experimental-electronic concept album that led to an EP later that year called “Aphelion.” What Herrick & Hooley is most known for are their jazz covers on YouTube. During 2014, they covered many popular hip hop songs from artists like Tyler, the Creator, Chance the Rapper, and Childish Gambino.

In late spring of 2015 Herrick & Hooley is going to release their second LP titled “Herrick & Hooley’s Famous Honey.” This new album will mix past sounds of electronic jazz with heavy R&B influences. There have been talks of the new album being released on both CD and vinyl.

Official Website: http://twitter.com/herrick_hooley

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