Heir Tre’, Influencing Others To Achieve Dreams


Who ever thought Heir Tre’, a Detroit native whose interest in music was formed since birth, would grow into a highly talented hip hop artist? His deep interest in the art of music was exposed to him by his parents, mainly his father, and various modes of entertainment such as video games and movies. Although a fan of different genres, hip hop was the main one that caught his eyes and ears.

Nearing the age of 12, Tre’ heard 2005’s Late Registration and decided to take his craft more seriously thus paving a road to become a recognizable figure in music. “That album truly gave me the confidence to make this dream become a reality,” he says. With his own equipment at the time and using his college dorm as the studio, he released his first full project in 2012 and made sure to keep polishing himself as an artist by creating new sounds and doing live performances.

Inspired by artists who range from Nas to J. Cole, Heir Tre’ wants to bring an authentic-original sound and presence into today’s hip hop all while he continues to build his brand and influencing others to achieve their lifelong dreams.


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