Harlow, Shattered


Fortunate to have had been a part of amazing festivals during the infancy of the band’s career, Harlow has shared the stage with tons of amazing local talent as well as some bigger acts like Killswitch Engage, Filter, Bobaflex, and It Lies Within. The Detroit, MI based band is led by the vocals of Lauren Weaver who’s the epitome of sexy and rock and roll. Coming from a musical family, she developed her ear and voice early in her development as a musician. She is fierce in her ways and don’t let being a vocalist fool you, her voice is her instrument and she knows how to use it.

Filling out Harlow is guitarist Tomas Lopez who’s a veteran of the Detroit music scene having played with Decibel and Highwater. As the newcomer to the band, he’s paying great attention to detail on the roots that Harlow has laid in the past years in hopes the fans see a flawless transition. Kelly Weaver masters the bass guitar and vox and if you like a heavy groove with a fat bottom to a song and a thunderous attack, then you will like what he’s is laying down for you. The elder statesman of the band, he’s a seasoned vet who has had some success in his career and looking to make it back out again. Rounding out the band is drummer Kevin Razlog who’s one of the most relentless drummers you will ever find. His drive for music is only matched by his love for hitting skins and locking a song together.

Harlow is slated to release their first full album in early/mid 2016 and has been touring and playing in support of their demo/EP they released after coming together as a band in late 2014. They’re shooting a 2nd music video for the full length album which will be released right before the summer and will be announcing upcoming shows. With so much to look forward to, Harlow is on the path to play more shows, perform on bigger stages, and grace the ears of audiences in new places.

Official website: www.harlowband.com
Soundcloud: harlow_detroit

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