Hans Rizo, Find The Right Exposure


“Follow my life as I venture into the unknown. Watch me grow both in my craft & as an individual. Success is not promised to anyone, it is achieved through hard work & pure dumb luck.”

Hans Rizo is a 21 year old rapper out of Dublin, CA who grew up in the 90’s witnessing hip-hop in its prime. Music has always played an important role in his life as he  used it to escape from problems at home. Influenced by both east and west coast his musical styles range from Nas, Lupe, and Eminem to Mac Miller, Childish Gambino, and Drake.

Hans Rizo began writing and recording music right after graduating high school. After a couple of years taking music seriously things are starting to look up and he begun receiving recognition for his music. He’s currently working in the late stages of a self titled debut EP being produced by MonsterBox studios that will drop early next year along with his first show. Hans is confident that his skill along with the right exposure will bring destiny full circle.

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