Hadiya Love, Bring Out The Freedom To Love & Dance

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At 3 years of age Hadiya Love was a joyful child determined to get a smile from anyone around her. Always sensitive and caring, if she learned that someone was homeless she would offer her bed. Her mom soon came to realize that Hadiya would, in fact, be a problem solver in this world. She’s compassionate desiring to see everyone fed, clothed, and protected. Due to the fact that she lost two dear family members and a very close friend to cancer, Hadiya wanted to create music that also touched the lives of those dealing the dreadful disease. Her song No Women is an inspirational song dedicated to cancer survivors.

Although Hadiya is 9 years of age she is very much a product of her environment. Children as a whole are affected by massive killings taking place in inner city America. As a child growing up in urban Chicago, now sadly referred to as “Chiraq,” Hadiya is referred to as “The Heiress to the Throne” in Chicago Hip Hop after the release of her song Love Me. At this young age, she too feels her voice is part of the unheard outcry against this senseless unsanctioned war on young children. She just completed an advance acting on-camera class with the Acting Studio Chicago. She is trained to sing musical style songs. She plays the violin and she co-writes her rap lyrics.

Hadiya has had a very busy summer performing at many festivals in the city including the Chicago Westside Music Festival with Bell, Biv, Devoe headlining. Founder of the event, 24th Ward Alderman Michael Scott, referred to her as his favorite new artist. Her music is a reflection of who she is: strong and sassy like her song Hold Up Wait. Hadiya was adopted at birth and she’s ready to tell the world, as a way of letting other children know, it doesn’t matter how you were brought into this world. You can still make and have a positive impact in the lives of others. So we invite you to enjoy Hadiya Love; a talented student, violist/rapper, and actress who wants to bring out laughter, joy, and the freedom to love and simply dance.

YouTube: www.youtube.com/user/Hadiya75
Facebook: www.facebook.com/Hadiya.me?fref=ts
Twitter: @hadiya4real
Cre Thomas: thomasalphaomega@yahoo.com
Mitchell: kreativemedia@yahoo.com

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