Gwatts, A Master Storyteller


“I started writing poems to girls I had crushes on at an early age and it took my interest in music to the next level.”

Very few artists have yet to establish their musical identity actively trying on different musical styles like a pair of shoes looking to find what fits. But there are others that are in full command of their craft, which make their identity and their music inseparable. Watson Guillaume, Gwatts, is the perfect fit for such category. His latest EP, “Back 2 Da Roots,” is an extremely relate-able project that signifies the arrival of a gifted and humble new talent. A Haitian boy who grew up in Orange, New Jersey, Gwatts wrote poems as a child but didn’t take music seriously until his senior year in high school.

Gwatts’ sound is a captivating and infectious one with a modern vibe while also reflecting the 90’s Hip Hop that is embedded in his musical DNA. As Watts says, “Just as it isn’t the clothes that makes the man but the man that makes the clothes, it’s the lyrics that completes the song.” Gwatts is playing his songs precisely the way he’s always wanted creating a fully realized project that is the highlight of where he’s been and where he’s going, one that is sure to win him the satisfaction and expectation that is demanded by the depth and quality of his songs.

Everything he touches turns to gold. He has the smooth hands of a master storyteller. EP and upcoming mixtape will soon be available through iTunes and various sites. He comes from a family of singers with church backgrounds and has found another kind of musical family within the past musical projects including Word of Wisdom and Live&Let Live and he is actively recording and playing shows. In between recording and playing shows, Gwatts is finishing up a BA in Business Management at New Jersey City University.


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