GunJa, I Got A Wakeup Call

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GunJa has been making a huge impact on the music scene in the south. His catchy records, passion, and talent all make for an interesting artist. Although his music is nothing less than amazing, the man behind the beat is even more so. Jamal Ford’s life began in Huntsville, Alabama (born on December 30, 1993) and his small family bounced around from one project housing to the next. Although his life was crazy, it obviously inspired Jamal because at the age of 9 he began writing. He’s 21 now.

By the age of 17 he was kicked out of school, too busy caught up in the street life as his grandmother would say. Through family deaths and friends losing their lives, he had a bit of a wakeup call. Even when everyone around him didn’t believe in him, his grandmother did. All she wanted was for him to be successful and happy. Jamal used this as motivation to make it.

Official website: www.KitsEnt.Com
Twitter: @Gunja3300
Instagram: @Gunja3300

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