GristleBeatz, We Don’t Give A F***


GristleBeatz is an upcoming rap/hip-hop group from Mesa, AZ with members D-Sling, Kid Cliff and $imon! GristleBeatz is the epitome of the Arizona rap scene. Founded in 2014 by D-Sling, Kid Cliff, and the hype man $imon, they just like to have fun doing this rap shit and want people to hear their music! They love featuring people on tracks regardless of experience.

GristleBeatz raps about malt liquor, fat booties, guns, and reefer. Their motto is ‘We Don’t Give A Fuck’ and if you are in the Phoenix area you may see us drive by in a jeep or a cutlass with our middle fingers out the window. Stay trappin’ motherfuckers.

Visit GristleBeatz on their Official Website to learn more about their music.

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