GRIN, Wishful Beats & Nocturnal


GRIN is a 34 year old seasoned artist who’s been making music since 1999 and started his own music label called Ill Natured in 2011. With a love for all types of music, mostly underground hip hop, he produces his own beats and handles all the label’s graphic artwork. Currently Ill Natured is comprised of 2 emcees, Brandon (D-cept) and GRIN. The two have been high school friends and together have released two albums, Destination Nowhere and Productive Seeds.

GRIN would love for his music to spread of course and hopefully make cash along the way, though he’s not too sure about his future career in music due to a severe anxiety condition that occurs daily. Nothing will stop him from making music though, signed or not signed. It’s only for the simple fact that he loves making music and his kids love watching him create beats. He takes it one day at a time and sees what happens.

GRIN is currently working on two new albums. The first one is called Wishful Beats and the other is Nocturnal which will be a 2 disc cd. Both projects will feature dope beats, from trap style compositions to alternative hip hop – even melancholy beats that are a symbol of his anxiety and emotions. His goal is basically to get the media on board with his music and enjoy different good music that’s not played on the radio over and over.

Official website:
Soundcloud buddy-burton

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