Finding The Message In Music: Goodfella QP Exclusive Q&A


Check out the interview with Goodfella QP exclusively on Rude Boy Lifestyle Magazine.

RBL: What is the meaning of your name? How did you get it and what is the significance?
Goodfella QP: Goodfella comes from a favorite movie, Goodfellas, and our dad calling us fellas. QP is simply my initials, hence Goodfella QP. The significance comes from the bond my brothers and I have, similar to the movie.

The K206 movement I’m apart of comes from 2 separate entities. K means Koldesac City which consist of artists Fab Fetti, Ace Champ, D. Bee, and Ro-Ro. 206 is the 20th letter of the alphabet, T, and the 6th letter F short for The Fellas which consist of Goodfella QP and lastly the queen of the movement Kisia which adds that diamond level shine.

Can you tell us about the music scene in your area? How is it like? How are the other artists?
Houston’s music scene is predominantly culture based being about riding slabs and sipping oil. We have great artists, good artists, and not so good artists.

How did your friends and family first think about your career?
They’ve been supportive from day one and I greatly appreciate their valiant support.

What are some of your favorite brands out right now?
Ralph Lauren is definitely one of my favorites. Also Stacy Adams, Steve Harvey Collection, Rude Boy clothing, and Gifts & Greed.

Who are your top five favorite musicians right now?
(5) J. Cole, (4) Andre3000, (3) Rick Ross, (2) Lil Keke, and (1) TIP because these artists not only deliver a message through their music but they all paint a visual to the audio you’re listening to. That takes cleverness, talent, and artistry which needless to say impresses and motivates me.

What keeps you going in this tough music economy? How has it changed you overall?
The current state of music itself keeps me going. The fact that there is no substance and/or message in music anymore keeps me motivated to be different and stay in my own lane to keep from sounding like everyone else; even those 5 artists whom I like most.

What are some of your focuses outside of music? Do you have family or other businesses around?
Profitable business ventures, whether it be investing in something as simple as concrete or owning a chain of high class luxurious high rise condominiums. I’m writing a book of poems as well as working on a romance novel with a very talented intellectual female writer. We’re also planning a film for the book. As well as Gifts & Greed clothing line by Fab Fetti and K206 Clothing just to name a few.

What separates you from the next artist in the business?
The content speaks for itself, everything from tracks like “Moment of Clarity” (GoodfellaQP), “Koncrete Garden” (Fab Fetti), and “Hometown Girl” (Ace Champ) just to name a few.

What advice can you give to the other small artists that are just starting out?
Chase your dream relentlessly as if today you could change your life for the better simply because you very well could. Never mind what people feel say or think, it’s your life your dream … chase it.

Are there thoughts of signing to a major label or distributor yet?
There’s always the thought, but it has to be equally beneficial for all parties involved.

What do you think the future of music industry will look like?
Very digital. I wouldn’t be surprised if it becomes possible to watch a live concert from the comfort of your own home.

Where can we find you and connect with you? Can you tell us your social media links, etc?
Facebook: @Goodfella QP
Twitter: @GoodfellaQ

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