Good Grief, Determined To Break Through


Born in Harlem and raised in Queens, NY, Good Grief has dedicated much of his life to music with an introduction in classical training. After realizing he did not want to be an all out singer, he made rapping one of his ultimate dreams. Putting together musical influences from different genres and from artists,

After attending and graduating college in upstate NY, Grief moved to Brooklyn and settled in Queens where he worked different jobs, landed a high paying commission job, became a homeowner, and established a comfortable life for himself – all while still pursuing his childhood dream of becoming a recording artist.

With undeniable talent and admirable work ethic, he has spent the last few years working on his craft and evolving as an artist. He is determined to break through the industry without following trends or obstructing his own. Currently he funds all of his releases for music, videos, and promotions.​

Learn more about Good Grief on his Official Artist Website.

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