Golden Gripp, Working On Both Sonic & Visual Levels


Originally based in Virginia, Golden Gripp is an underground emcee and graphic artist that currently resides in Kansas City. Known for his freestyle abilities and street art prowess, he combines deep lyrical stylings with striking and dynamic artwork. Gripp is currently constructing an album with noteworthy beat builders such as D.R.U.G.S. Beats, LAKIM of Soulection, Fan Ran of Gritty City Records, Poe Mack of Mackstrumental Records, and BYAH.

Widely recognized for his visual artistry, he has performed numerous live paint sets alongside many hip hop acts, served as the V.P. for Blackwater Art Society, provided artwork for Matisyahu, and hosted the first annual Beat Burg Rap Battle held at Riverviews Art Space in Lynchburg, Virginia.

With much to offer on both sonic and visual levels, Gripp is on the rise and definitely one to watch out for. Just before the end of 2015, he released the tracks “Wards Road” and “Demise” on Soundcloud.

Instagram: @digitizedknight
Twitter: @digitizedknight
Facebook: @adamgripp
Bluecanvas: @adamgripp
YouTube: @retrog83


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