Gold D. Guillotyne, Sky Scraper Paper


Hailing from Chicago, Illinois, then by age 12 moved to Atlanta, Gold D. Guillotyne is a charismatic, spontaneous, and direct hip hop artist who set out to create music with an honest and eclectic approach. As a third of the group Redd Dirrt Mafia and a member of Tha Maserati Boyz, Gold D set out to develop a unique mid-western/southern flow that falls somewhere in between the depth and warmth of old school hip hop and the sharp focus and balance of the best modern productions.

The formula gets even stronger within his solo work and his 2011 debut mixtape rests the case. Decapitationz Da Mixtape hosted by Dj Smoke managed to stir quite a buzz about Gold D whose music keeps doing great on media sites likes of Datpiff.

His latest mixtape, The Beheading, followed suit with even stronger numbers. Gold D also started an independent label named RDM ENT and is dropping another mixtape/album titled Sky Scraper Paper: The Take Off with the first single “Sky Scraper” featuring Big Chedda Chase. The project is available on iTunes now. Let the music tell you the rest of the story.

Official website:
MTV: @gold-d-guillotyne
Reverbnation: @mrguillotyne
Soundcloud: @golddguillotyne
Twitter: @MaseratiBoyGold
YouTube: @Golddguillotyne
Instagram: @guilla7


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