Going Green in Brooklyn

Rude Boy Magazine

Musicians Shane Valera, Caitlin “C808”, and Albeezy have been jamming together under many different names for nearly a decade before forming Going Green, a Brooklyn based pop reggae and ska band bringing back the old school Jamaican vibes that make ska and reggae music incredible in the first place. With fire spitting emcee Freekstile, a dope brass section headed by “Richie” Rich Walker on the sax, and St. Clair on the trombone, you have a recipe for success or at least some dope music. Their first album, Wave Four, spearheaded the fourth wave of ska music in Brooklyn and has currently begun their quest for world domination, converting one transplant Brooklyn hipster at a time.

You can check out Going Green on their website at www.goinggreenband.com

Going Green – Luv in tha Ruff feat. Ruff Scott

Going Green – She Can Get It (Tho)

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