Gnote, Up Next Out Of The West


The California rapper known as Gnote hails from Compton, California and is a talented artist who won numerous talent shows and rap battles while in secondary school. He was voted the best emcee and most likely to succeed in music amongst his school. He cites Tupac, Lil Wayne, and Michael Jackson as his main Hip Hop/Pop influences who got him involved in music.

Gnote has honed his skills as a rapper by entering rap battles using punchlines and clever rhyme schemes when faced against an opponent. While studying Engineering Technology at El Camino College he met Young Nature who also was an upcoming rapper. During this time the hit sensation dance “Nae-Nae” was going viral and the two decided to hop on the bandwagon. The duo went and recorded “Hit Yo Nae Nae” produced by known record producer Lexi Banks. The song caught the attention of various independent labels and even controversial rapper Lil B who described Gnote as being “Up next out the West.”

This is just the beginning steps of what Gnote has to bring to the game. He is next up out the west coast and will soon be recognized by the world. He is following behind the legacies left behind by west coast legends DJ Quik, Eazy-E, Dr Dre, and many more. He is a legend in the making and will soon be known amongst the masses.

Instagram: @therealgnote

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