Glenn Waco, Pulling At Your Heart’s Strings

Glenn Waco Pixie shoot

Glenn Waco is an aspiring artist who hails from North Portland. His debut project, Northbound, documents the not-so-glamorous life of the hood. Rather than glorify the sex, drugs, and violence that plagues the communities he was raised in, he paints a picture of the chaos that tells a captivating story.

Waco pulls at your heart strings as he recounts stories of abuse experienced by his classmate and the tragic murder of childhood friends. He sends a message through his music that his reality is not pretty, but it is real and worth paying attention to.

Since the release of Northbound, Glenn Waco has been featured in many local publications. Portland journalist, Bruce Poinsette, notes the project has a mesh of “wordplay, rapid-fire flows and introspection.” We Out Here Magazine calls Waco a “young revolutionary artist” who has the ability to rock diverse crowds and engage the audience with his high energy and often poetic performance.

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