Xk and GASinc Management Are Making A Stance


When it comes to being musically inclined, Xk and his outfit GASinc Management are not a new in the recording business and have made a name for themselves. From innovative and vanguard lyrics to overall performance and style, the music is speaking for itself. Do not forget that when you hear Xk and GASinc on the airwaves nationally or even internationally that we predicted the success.

As the CEO of GASinc Management, Xk has been overseeing the operation that’s led to work with many talented artists from the Midwest. They are bringing all types of hip hop subgenres to the forefront to create a truly diverse conglomerate. A seasoned vet of the music industry, having been signed to label from the age of 17 – 27, Xk saw the opportunity to unite and provide management for all the talent that was around him. In April of 2015 he started managing his first artist, 80, and in less than a year built up a team and grew his roster to include many more.

What Xk has provided for these artists is quite notable. He’s providing the guidance to build their company and brand names. Everyone is bringing a little something to the table and when you hear the music it’s impressive. Live performances are also not to be missed. It’s not your typical walk back and forth show, it’s an actual performance that will leave a lasting impression. Up next is going to be major distribution deals for his artists.

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