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GameBr8ker was born and raised in Northern Virginia and grew up in Baileys Crossroads. Things were hard for him growing up with it just being his mom and little brother. His neighborhood was not the worst but still not the best area to grow up in at the time. Just like any child without a lot of guidance growing up you become a product of your environment, but somehow through all the trials and tribulations he found a way to come out a stronger-better person. Even though he grew up listening to a lot of the great artists like Slick Rick, Run DMC, Big L, 2pac, B.I.G and many more, he never really saw himself as a rapper; he took a leap of faith an tried it.

Once GameBr8ker recorded his first song he was hooked to music for life. Music became everything, music became life. GameBr8ker dropped his first solo CD as Shadow called “Next Level” when he was a freshman in high school. When he saw that people were starting to take him as a serious artist he changed his name from Shadow to GameBr8ker in 2007. GameBr8ker took a lot of time off from making CDs to focus on his delivery, vocabulary, stage presence, and picked up on a little bit of singing as well. He dropped his mixtape entitled “Dark Knight” in 2010. During GameBr8ker’s time of development he also became a great producer and put together a team which is known as 2Up 2Down Entertainment.

His time working with these young artists also drove him to be a better artist because they looked up to him and he knew he had to be on his A-game. GameBr8ker has the drive and determination to be one of the best rappers that this game will ever see. His style is unique and his beats will have you jumping and bumping where ever you go. Make sure that you remember the name GameBr8ker.

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