Game Recalls “The Documentary” Cover Shoot

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Game celebrated his son Harlem’s 11th birthday this Monday (June 30), and recalled the cover shoot for his breakout debut, The Documentary. At the time, his son was just six months old and appeared in the inside cover art. The Compton rapper says his son gave him a reason to become successful.

“1st I want to say HAPPY 11TH BIRTHDAY to my 1st born @harlemtaylor. When they say time flies… It literally does because it seems like just yesterday I was at The Documentary photo shoot trying to get my 6 month old son to stop crying & moving around so I could change his diaper & we could finish shooting,” Game wrote on Instagram.

“You guys truly have no idea how much having this baby changed my life for the better… He gave me a reason to be successful, a reason to want to stay alive, a reason to never give up on ANYTHING in life & to commit & see it through !!! He is the reason that being a FATHER became so important to me…When he was born, I seen something in his eyes that made me want to be the most AMAZING father ever to him & that’s exactly the day I started… My son is my best friend, I remind him daily to always be a man, so that when the day comes that he really is, the task almost seems effortless. My heart is in this boy… My true hear ! He represents everything good in me & almost brings me to tears when I look him in his eyes. He is the FUTURE…. For me, his mother, his siblings & anyone he comes into contact with. Son…. You are a very genuine, loving & beautiful baby boy & I am LUCKY to be your father…. It is an honor & I promise to never let you down as long as I’m breathing……. You are EVERYTHING to me & I seriously can’t believe it’s been 11 years since we met. I love you Harlem…….. Happy Birthday, Dad.”

The Documentary dropped in 2005, and went on to sell over five million copies worldwide.

Rude Boy Magazine

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