Funky Nino Khayyam

Nino Khayyam

Nino Khayyam is a eclectic renaissance rapper from Brooklyn, NY. He shies away from being down and prefers to be different. His signature “WHAAAAT” can be heard in his high-energy songs that are packed with tons of emotion. His approach to his music is described as gritty, and with influences ranging from Malcolm X to Nirvana, you can be sure that you will never know what comes from him next. He definitely raps outside the box and seeks to inspire his borough and more over the world.

You can check out Nino Khayyam on his website at and on SoundCloud at

Nino Khayyam Performance at LE SOUK #2 NYC

Nino Khayyam – Nino SterDam

Nino Khayyam – FunKy ENouGh

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