Fre$h Gunna Tells His Story In The Booth

With lyricism and rhythm, Fre$h Gunna’s making an impact­ in today’s music. The dedication is no less than the best and putting in the effort to take his work to pro status is inevitable. Don’t forget when you hear this Florida based artist’s music on national and international airwaves that we predicted Fre$h Gunna’s success.

Born in NYC and raised in Durham, NC, this Miami artist steps into the booth to tell his story, the end result is people love the music that’s coming out. Fre$h Gunna has recorded at Quad Studios in Time Square with Max the engineer who’s worked with Beyonce, Asap Rocky, and J.Cole. “Also getting to work with Mercedes, she has such a great energy and vibe and pushes artists to be their best. As an artist she puts in work as well, something I got to see myself. She won’t stop until it’s right. So being able to work with her I would definitely count as a highlight,” Fre$h Gunna recalls.

Right now Fre$h Gunna’s working on releasing his debut mixtape that’s self-titled. The lone goal is to be heard by the masses.

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