Franco Vegas, StrictlyBARS Clique

Franco Vegas is a 21 year old emcee born in the Canarsie neighborhood of Brooklyn, NY. Growing up he always had a passion for music. From his earliest days, music was a driving force in his household. From his grandmother’s cleaning to the grooves of her classic record collection to his uncle blasting hip hop on a regular Tuesday. At the age of 9, Franco heard Kanye West’s “Through the Wire” and he instantly knew what he wanted to do. Whether it was the soulful Chaka Khan sample or Kanye’s smooth flow or delivery, Franco became obsessed with the art of hip hop. He wrote his first rhyme a day later and recorded his first song at the age of 13.

Throughout high school, Franco would continue to sharpen his skills and perform in many showcases throughout New York. Though he wasn’t seeing the best results, he never gave up on himself. Constantly evolving he would change his stage name from Wildcard to Franco Vegas. He would allow his brash nature to shine in his verses while showcasing his intellect in conjunction with his flamboyant attitude.

Along with his crew, the StrictlyBARS Clique, Franco has grown and continues to grow into New York’s diamond in the rough. With his dynamic flows and smooth delivery, he’s even garnered comparisons to Brooklyn hip hop legend Jay-Z. He has also started his own brand and clothing line, Wealth Above Riches. There’s no telling where he’ll go from here, but the future looks bright for the boy from Brooklyn.

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