Fr3Ako An Artist from Harlem 

Fr3Ako is an artist from Harlem, New York. He has been rapping since the age of 12. Most of his time is spent on music and educating himself on the business side of music. He has been compared to an array of artists, such as Stack Bundles and MF Doom. Fr3Ako takes pride in the art of writing raps and linking words.

In 2013 Fr3Ako released “The Art Of Rap” through and received great acclaim from the Hip-Hop community. Since then, he has released singles on Apple Music, iTunes, Spotify, Tidal, as well as other music streaming and music downloading platforms. He has also made a name in the realm of Battle Rap by lyrically annihilating opponents while increasing views on YouTube. In 2017 alone, he had a total of 5 battles and counting, which have each accumulated thousands of views.

Fr3Ako is currently working on his next project scheduled to drop in early 2018 entitled, “The Big Rap Theory.” The songs on the project will be a refreshing dose of the Fr3Ako that people know and love with a mix of the Fr3Ako people have been waiting to hear. More new singles and dope visuals will be coming your way leading up to the release of the project. Fr3Ako has many upcoming events you can keep up with on his social media.

Official website:
Instagram: @_Fr3ako


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