Foolish Desperado, AFTMH


Reginald Morton, Foolish Desperado, is a 20 year old from DeLand, Florida who started rapping/freestyling at the age of 12 with his peers and whose influences range from Michael Jackson to UGK to old school 90’s music. At 15 Foolish Desperado recorded his first mixtape titled It’s Just A Mixtape (2009/10) followed by the 2011 release of The One They Never Like To Mention. After receiving his first microphone and music software The One They Never Like To Mention: The Sequel (2012) was released with little fanfare due to his moving to another city and a lack of clout.

The Foolish Desperado stage name originated from wondering where Childish Gambino derived his name from and simple enough it had come from the Wu-Tang generator. And with a click Foolish Desperado was born. With a new name he released his 4th mixtape titled Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish (2013) and people started to take notice. 2014 saw the release of Farest Blue which was a chill type of project with features from K.Hill and Tha Geek.

With 2015 coming to an end Foolish Desperado has been continuing to work on more music and is only divulging the initials for it, AFTMH. Only time will tell when he’ll breakthrough. Aside from rapping he also sings and produces.

Twitter: @FoolishDNEEGA
Instagram: @Foolishfd


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