FMG, FAMO Music Group


FMG are independent Rap/Hip Hop artists from the Pittsburgh area. FAMO (Forever About My Own) are 3 talented artists and family members with a unique sound giving you lyrics, beats, and a sound tailored for all listeners. They provide music inspired by life and the grind it takes to get where they are.

Blizy, who is serving federal time, has been writing and is eager to get back to the grind and provide the streets with more music. He will be home December 2015 but sends his regards. “Forever.About.My.Own, look out for the click.” Famo Cap had taken some time off to raise a family dedicating all his work to his son, Deon A’mir. Now back to work, the Cap just released his latest single “Get Enough” and his 2nd mixtape, untitled, is in the works. Earl, now residing in Florida, is at work putting together his 5th mixtape entitled “The F.Earl Projec†.” Driven by the love of the craft, Earl wants to provide for his family and continue producing great music for all.

While keeping busy networking and trying to branch out, FMG brings together a style of music for the street, music for the clubs, and music to smoke or vibe to. Always looking to expand and experiment with new things, we can assure FMG has or will have what you are looking for.

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