Fly Boys, Take Off


Performing together since 2013, Leemaj and RXSHEED (pronounced Rasheed) known as Fly Boys (FLB) have been developing, performing, and writing their own lyrics since before performing together as a duo. Their melodic sound/genre consists of classic Hip hop and new age Rap. Their original sound and delivery have been praised by audiences and promoters for originality and a unique sound. What’s more unique is these young 16 year old high school guys write their own raps. They have performed with organizations such as Higher Ground, a group that is sponsored by the Rainbow Push Coalition and YOLOBE.

Fly Boys are the winners of the 2010 South Suburban Idol Contest Rap category and headliners in the back to school parades for Country Club Hills, Park Forest, and the surrounding south suburban areas. They have done internet radio interviews and opened up for D-LO, The Bop King, of Chicago. Currently residing in a suburb outside of Chicago, Fly Boys continue to captivate audiences with their unique sound and intense stage presence. They are finishing up their LP and will drop their first single “Take Off” in September 2015.

Instagram: @_rxsheed | @itsleemaj


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