Flostorm, New Age Golden Era Lyrcism


Breon Jones, Flostorm, comes from a lower class home where he was raised by his mother who provided the family with everything they needed, there were no complaints. He credits her for gaining a top notch work ethic. Flostorm didn’t pick up the pen until he was 13 and it wasn’t even for rap, it was for poetry. For a simple English class assignment he wrote a poem and never really though much of it until peers were telling him it was well written. Poetry was where he felt most accepted and he gravitated towards it.

Lupe Fiasco’s Food & Liquor was the work of art that got him hooked on hip hop. He devoured hip hop lore; from Big L to Nas to Gang Starr to Rakim to Talib Kweli to Big Daddy Cane. Flostorm is fairly new in the game but has amassed buzz with his first mixtape titled The Eye of the Storm. Singles from that mixtape include “When the Mic Is On” which has been an ESPN radio show intro in my city and “Gremlins” that’s been on Hot 96 in Indy.

Flostorm’s goals are to continue to bleed hip hop and bring golden era lyricism with a new age feel.

Reverbnation: @Flostorm
Facebook: @flostormdagreatest
Twitter: @Flostorm
Instagram: @flostorm
Facebook: @flostormdaintellectual
Soundcloud: @Flostorm


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