Flight Vinny, Perfect Landing


When it comes to being musically inclined, Flight Vinny is not a new person in the recording business and has made a name for himself. From innovative and vanguard lyrics to overall performance and style, the music is speaking for itself. Do not forget that when you hear Flight Vinny on the airwaves nationally or even internationally that we predicted the success.

Formerly known as Vinny Vega, Flight Vinny is originally from Jamaica, Queens, NY and grew up in Baltimore, MD. Influenced by a variety of artists from different eras of music like 50 Cent, Rick James, and Notorious BIG, he’s using that swag to create the basis for his music. Along with brothers Leo Corley and Tony Krav, a recording studio was built to fully immerse themselves into the craft.

Perfect Landing was his debut mixtape that was released on Datpiff and Vinny is currently working on his follow up mixtape titled Flight Gahd. Once complete he’s slated to begin work on the sequel to his debut mixtape titled Perfect Landing 2: The Return of Flight Turner. With an outstanding ever growing catalog he’s sure to land the manager that he’s seeking.

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