Flight Camp, RickESlick & JGee


Born: July 22, 1988
Birthplace: Kansas City, MO
Stage Name/Aliases: RichESlick, Rich Loc
Name at Birth: Richard L. Rice Jr

RichESlick was born on July 22, 1988 as Richard Lee Rice Jr. in Kansas City, MO. As a young boy, Richard endured great trauma when his parents divorced when he was only 2 and at 5 he was critically injured by a gun-shot wound on the 4th of July, 1994.

He soon found that writing was one of his outlets and received acknowledgment by publishing poetry and receiving various awards. Music had always been his passion and eventually poetry became raps, and rapping became his life. He recorded his 1st mix tape when he was only 12 years old. He soon moved to one of the most respected projects in the North East side of Kansas City where he was known as Rich Loc!

After getting in and out of a little trouble, he decided to straighten his life up and get completely focused on his education. In May, 2006 Richard graduated on time, with honors and received a scholarship to attend Grambling State University. He soon met (best friend/brother/future label mate) Jared Graham a.k.a Jgee.

After going through a devastating loss of twins, he relocated to Atlanta, Georgia. For the next few years he re-focused on his music and was featured on DJ Drama’s 3rd Infantry Division on July 4th 2011; which was ironically the same day he was shot 23 years prior. In the same year he was blessed with his 1st son, Rich III. This gave him the drive to continue pushing and performing in various venues.

Soon after he and best friend, Jared Graham, formed rap group/indie label “Flight Camp.”

Learn more about RickESlick on his Facebook page.

Born: March 20, 1988
Birthplace: Kansas City, MO
Stage Name/Aliases: Jgee, J-Thousand
Name at Birth: Jared Graham

JGee was born March 20, 1988 as Jared Graham in Kansas City, MO. Jared had an average childhood growing up in the South side of Kansas City, MO. He had a true love for music and began writing and rapping at the age of 12. He played a few sports throughout his youth.

It was hard being a young man growing up in Kansas City and he soon found himself in a little trouble here and there. After attending Ruskin High School he experienced immense devastation when he lost an older brother due to a car accident in 2006. Shortly after the tragic incident, he relocated to Grambling, Louisiana to attend Grambling State University.

During this same year he met (best friend/brother/future label mate) Richard Rice a.k.a RichESlick. Because of his brother’s loss, he decided to refocus his life and his music. In 2010 he moved to Los Angeles, California where he soon gained recognition in the LA Weekly. He also had a different perspective on life, due to living throughout multiple states.

He received even more motivation when he attended the 2011 Grammy’s and was on National TV shortly after. After grinding hard, he and best friend, Richard, developed the next sound of rap and formed group/indie label “Flight Camp.”

Learn more about JGee on his Facebook page.

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