Fendi To Open Ocean Condos On Miami Beach

Fendi Ocean Condos

Photo: Chateau Ocean Condominium Complex

Italian luxury brand Fendi is set to a beachfront property in Miami called the Chateau Ocean Condominiums.

Partnering with real estate firm Chateau Group, the property will be located in the Surfside district of the city and will house 60 condos between 3,400 and 7,000 square-feet, each on 12 equally-spaced floors, and will also feature 300 feet of private beach property, pools and up-scale eateries. The building will be recognizable by its wavy façade formed by floor plates protruding beyond the structure’s edges, which in turn allows for spectacular balcony views as well as shade for the glass curtain walls below.

The Chateau Ocean Condominiums will open sometime in 2015.

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