FEAR the EMCEE, Something Special


FEAR the EMCEE is a 22 year old new wave Hip-Hop artist from Rochester, NY. Formerly known as That Asshole Zach, he recently changed his stage name to FEAR the EMCEE to be more appropriate for all ages and medias. For the past two years he has been seriously involved in the Hip -Hop scene performing at local shows in the area as well as opening for national headliner shows.

As 1/2 of the group the HiGUYS, he has had the chance to open for Huey Mack, Colette Carr, and Chris Webby alongside long time friend MIKEY. In spring of 2014, FEAR released a solo mixtape titled “Nothing Special.” He will be following that up with his 2nd mixtape titled “Something Special” coming this spring. With an old school style, and underground roots, he continues to grow as an artist while building a loyal fan base.

Visit FEAR the EMCEE on his Official Website to learn more about his music.

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