Farah, Neoteric


A performer from a very young age, singer, dancer and model Farah Washington made her musical debut with the release of her first official EP, “Neoteric,” in October 2014. Even though she is rather shy, Farah is no stranger to the spotlight and she comes alive when she sings opening her heart and letting her fans in. Farah started singing when she was just six years old and by middle school she began to compete in talent shows. Even though she did not win, Farah was not discouraged. She joined the high school dance team, built her confidence as a performer, began to write songs, and worked hard to develop her own sound in the recording studio.

To gain a following, Farah took to the Internet and began posting mini-projects on MySpace. In 2008 and 2009, she uploaded her first collection of songs which she titled “Rebirth Nation.” As she began to acquire a fan base for her music, Farah fell into a successful modeling career. Farah’s modeling, along with other small jobs, paid the bills so she could work on her album “Neoteric.” The EP features a unique sound which Farah describes as a combination of urban pop, experimental, and R&B. This album is close to her heart, it tells the story of her first love and she wrote every word from the soul.

Two songs worth listening to on “Neoteric” is the the slow and sultry “5.3.1.” and experimental upbeat track “I Don’t Wanna (Leave).” Farah’s heart and soul come through in her debut, leaving her listeners feeling as though they know her personally and cannot wait to learn and hear more.

Visit Farah on her Official Website to learn more about her music.

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